Can An Anti-DUI App Prevent DUI Incidents?

Smartphone apps have cornered the market when it comes making day-to-day life a little bit easier. With so many different uses, from social media to photo editing to budgeting, it is no wonder that apps have also been developed with the intent of preventing DUI incidents.

ENDUI Launched By Government to Curb Crimes

One recently launched app is called ENDUI. This app claims to help driver's avoid DUI charges by discouraging them from getting behind the wheel after consuming a certain amount of alcohol. It has been lauded by the state of Maryland and has received funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This app looks like it may be adopted by other states, as it is currently the most elaborate anti-DUI app on the market.

The app has a few ways of determining whether a user is too intoxicated to get behind the wheel:

  • Estimates user's BAC by provided height, weight, number of drinks, and amount of time
  • Asks the user to play games that test reaction times and concentration abilities

There are a few reasons to be skeptical of this app's effectiveness. Every person reacts differently to alcohol, and impairment also be affected by particular medications or food. The app also relies on accurate indications of alcohol consumption, which can differ depending on the size of the glass or the number of shots. When a drink is made in a bar, it may not be exactly the same as the app calculates. Additionally, the games are not a real-life reflection of anyone's abilities and continually practice could help a person solve them more easily.

With so many different factors affecting the outcome of a DUI case, do not risk safety based on the indications of a particular smartphone app. The only indication of BAC accepted in court is those taken by law enforcement, so relying on a phone app may be a disastrous mistake.

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