Can a DUI Conviction Affect My Professional License?

Whether you are a nurse, doctor, insurance broker, or a real estate agent, you have worked hard to build a reputation, and more importantly a career. You may not realize it but a night out on the town drinking with friends or colleagues, or a few too many glasses of wine at dinner can have devastating affects upon your professional license.

If up until now you have believed that a California DUI conviction would have zero effect on your professional license, think again. For instance, if you happen to be in the nursing field, a single DUI can lead to disciplinary action on your license.

CA DUIs & the Healthcare Industry

In the past, the California Board of Registered Nursing has sought to place nurses with one DUI conviction on probation, with conditions that include the likes of random bodily fluid testing, abstaining from alcohol, and attendance at local Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

If you are a doctor, it doesn’t get much better. If you have more than one misdemeanor DUI, or if you have a felony DUI on your record, these could affect your physician’s license. Especially in the healthcare field, DUIs are routinely the basis for disciplinary action against healthcare professionals.

A DUI can impair a healthcare professional from becoming a Medicare or Medi-cal approved provider, and a DUI has been known to directly impact a physician’s employment since many medical offices and hospitals prefer to hire only doctors with spotless, untarnished records.

Other Professional Licenses

What if you are an insurance broker or a real estate agent, can a DUI conviction affect your professional license? Yes, absolutely. The Department of Real Estate and the Department of Insurance frown upon DUIs, and the agencies argue that DUIs reflect upon a person’s judgment and character. Both agencies have been known to use a DUI conviction to revoke or deny an agent’s license.

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