Paradise Officer Shoots Unarmed DUI Suspect

PARADISE, Calf. – A dashcam video was released showing Officer P. Feaster accidentally shooting an unarmed DUI suspect, A. Thomas, in the neck. Officer Feaster will not be charged, NBC Los Angeles reports.

Now, some residents from the Northern California town are outraged over the result of the police-involved shooting of the unarmed suspect as he tried to climb out of his vehicle, after it was totaled in a rollover crash.

Last week, Butte County prosecutors announced that they won’t be charging Paradise Police Officer Feaster, who unintentionally fired on Thomas as he was trying to climb out of his vehicle following a crash on Nov. 26.

The prosecutors said that the investigation confirmed Feaster’s claims that the gun went off accidentally.

The decision was not well-received by many members of the community. Over the weekend, a petition was shared on a Facebook page called “Justice for Andrew,” calling for Feaster’s firing.

J. Turner, Thomas’ friend who launched the Facebook page, told NBC affiliate KNVN that they want Officer Feaster fired. Turner said that they don’t feel safe with him back on the street.

Suspect Was Followed After Leaving Local Bar

Officer Feaster followed Thomas after he noticed him speeding out of the parking lot of Canteena Bar in Paradise, California without his headlights on, according to police.

The dashcam footage from Feaster’s squad car shows 26-year-old Thomas hitting a median and crashing his SUV. His wife, 23-year-old D. Ehorn, was ejected from the SUV and pronounced dead at the scene.

In the video, Feaster calmly walks toward the car and fires his gun as Thomas tires to climb out of one of the windows. Thomas immediately falls back inside the car and Feaster is seen approaching the car, looking inside.

In the dashcam video, the five-year veteran of the department is heard saying that he has an unresponsive female, and a male in the car who is refusing to get out – not realizing that he shot the suspect.

According to District Attorney Mike Ramsey, Thomas, whose blood alcohol content was nearly twice the legal limit, “popped” out of the SUV; when Feaster drew his gun, he accidentally fired, striking the suspect in the neck.

Ramsey said that Feaster drew his weapon because he thought Thomas was intending to flee the scene of the accident.

As a result of the accidental shooting, Thomas may be paralyzed from the waist down. For his wife’s death, he is facing vehicular manslaughter charges, NBC Los Angeles reported.

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