Orange County Jail's Drunk Tank

Every DUI arrest story begins differently. Maybe the suspect was out celebrating their promotion at the local watering hole, or perhaps he was celebrating his divorce. Maybe he was at a networking event, and had one too many cocktails. Or, perhaps he was watching the game at a sports bar, and drank way too much beer.

Maybe he went to a work Christmas party, and at first he only had two drinks, but then had six more shots at the urging of his boss and a bunch of rowdy co-workers. Or, perhaps he’s in the military and just got home from being stationed overseas and he’s throwing back a few with his buddies back home.

Every DUI story begins differently, but once the drinker gets behind the wheel and sees the red and blue lights flashing in the rearview mirror, the night of fun has come to a screeching halt.

Welcome to the ‘Loop’

So, the cop asks our drinker if he had anything to drink. Without thinking, he says, “Yeah, I had a two or three (actually more) drinks at the bar.” Next thing you know, the officer asks him to step outside of his vehicle and perform field sobriety tests, which the driver fails…miserably.

Next, he takes the breath test and blows .18%. The cuffs are slapped on his wrists, he’s arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) and he’s taken down to Orange County Jail.

This is where the worst night of his life kicks into high gear. He’s been brought to the Santa Ana facility’s Intake and Release Center (IRC), or what is referred to by local cops and DUI attorneys as the “Loop.”

The next several hours move by, agonizingly slow. Under bright, fluorescent lights, he is moved from room to room, one of which is equipped with concrete benches. Several officers chide him about drinking and driving and they’re not nice about it.

During routine booking, the following occurs:

  • He is screened for tuberculosis;
  • He is asked a series of questions about medications, gang affiliations, thoughts of suicide, and if he thinks anybody wants to hurt him;
  • He is ordered to remove his clothes and put on an orange jail uniform;
  • He’s moved from one cold ugly room to another filled with shady characters;
  • After 12 miserable hours in the hellhole, he’s released onto the streets of Santa Ana after a friend bailed him out; and
  • He quickly realizes that jail is the LAST place he wants to be, and he’ll do anything to avoid incarceration.

Literally speaking, this is only the beginning of the story. While a night in Orange County’s drunk tank is enough to teach someone a lesson about DUI, now it’s them against the system.

Once someone’s caught in the system for DUI (for a first-DUI with no aggravating factors), they face up to 6 months in county jail – not our idea of a good time!

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