What a DUI Can Mean to Medical School Applicants

Are DUI Convictions a Factor During the Application Review Process?

Medical schools and other specialized schools are selective with their students, especially when it comes to criminal backgrounds. As such, DUI convictions are a factor in medical school application reviews. But having a DUI does not automatically disqualify you from admission. Medical schools can still admit you if they believe you are a strong candidate. 

How Will a DUI or Criminal Record Affect an Applicant's Review?

There are two ways that a criminal record affects an applicant’s review during the admissions process: 1) convictions, and 2) the nature of the crime. If a criminal charge gets dismissed, this is very different from a no contest plea or a conviction.

Some additional factors that can affect your application:

  • How recent was your DUI
  • Your individual merits
  • The severity of the DUI
  • If you've had kept your record clean since your DUI
  • If you've have taken actions to move forward from the incident, such as volunteering or helping the community.

Generally, committees are hesitant to admit a student who may have difficulty getting credentials or state licenses in the future. Thus, they look for convictions that involve crimes that could raise doubts over a student’s ability to eventually practice medicine. While drug offenses and sexually violent crimes will certainly raise red flags to admissions officers, even a DUI can be problematic depending on the circumstances.

Do I Have to Disclose DUI Convictions on My Medical School Application?

Most medical schools ask applicants to disclose any prior convictions. While some schools only ask about felonies others want to know about anything from a speeding ticket, to a violent felony conviction.

Importance of Disclosing a DUI

If an applicant fails to disclose their DUI, it can lead to the rescinding of an acceptance. Or, if the DUI is discovered later on, the student can be dismissed from the medical school. Withholding a DUI conviction is viewed by schools as a blatant dishonesty.

Applying for medical school is already hard enough, doing so with a DUI on your record makes it even harder. The best way to deal with this issue is to avoid a DUI conviction to begin with.

Learn More About Expunging a DUI from Your Record

Worry over criminal backgrounds is only natural considering that medical school applicants plan to eventually enter into doctor-patient relationships and a profession that frowns on questionable moral conduct. Whether a DUI was a result of a night out on the town, or driving under the influence of heavy pain medications, that does not mean you have to give up on your dream career. If you are concerned about your DUI record, learn whether you qualify for an expungement by contacting an attorney.

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