Science Behind Getting "Drunk and High"

It’s no mystery that alcohol and marijuana are two drugs that are commonly used together. While most people will have a preference for alcohol or cannabis, it’s not difficult to find out from people in their 20s, 30s or beyond, what it’s like to be drunk and on high on marijuana at the same time.

What many people don’t understand are the side effects that result from being on the two drugs simultaneously.

What is cross fading?

Cross fading means to use marijuana and alcohol at the same time. Some people mix the two intentionally because they enjoy the distinct high that ensues, while others are already so intoxicated that they aren’t making rational decisions.

At this point, taking a few hits may sound like a fine idea, however, one might regret that decision later. If you approach half of the college students, they’ll probably tell you that if you smoke grass before beer, you’re in the clear, but if you have beer before grass, that’s a different story.

Greening Out After Alcohol & Marijuana

When people get sick after smoking marijuana, they may get dizzy, nauseous, want to immediately lie down, or even vomit – this is “greening out.”

While greening out is a rare side effect of smoking marijuana, it’s a lot more likely to occur if a person drinks alcohol before smoking marijuana. However, when people smoke marijuana before drinking alcohol, the chances of greening out are lower.

Why Mixing Can Be Harmful

When people mix alcohol with marijuana, they are likely to overuse both substances, and it’s more common for one to experience side effects from marijuana if they already have alcohol in their system.

While “greening out” isn’t usually life-threatening, you can die from alcohol poisoning.

Combining can intensify the side effects of both drugs, and it can make a person more likely to drink way beyond their tolerance.

Also, marijuana has an effect where it makes it difficult for the body to vomit, which is a good thing for cancer patients trying to keep food down, but it’s not a good thing for an intoxicated person. If someone drinks too much and they can’t properly vomit, they’re more likely to choke on their vomit, which can be deadly.

According to Australia’s National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC), the combination of alcohol and marijuana can lead to anxiety, panic, or even paranoia.

When the drugs are used together, people are more vulnerable, they are more likely to lose track of their belongings, and get into a crash if they get behind the wheel.

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