Orange County's YDAD Program

If you are a parent whose teenage son or daughter was recently arrested for driving under the influence in Orange County, you may be wondering if they will be required to participate in a program similar to the Hospital & Morgue Program (HAM), which is utilized with great success in Los Angeles.

LA’s HAM program serves both adult DUI offenders and youth ages 16 and older. While the program primarily serves people who have been arrested for DUI, it is also available to the public. The purpose of the HAM program is to teach DUI offenders the real consequences of DUI.

Youth Drug and Alcohol Deterrence (YDAD)

Orange County has a similar program to the HAM program, it is called the Youth Drug and Alcohol Deterrence (YDAD) program. At the urging of concerned law enforcement, courts, doctors and hospitals, in 1988, Orange County implemented the YDAD program.

The purpose of the YDAD program is to help young drivers learn from others’ mistakes. The program offers insights into the effects of drugs and alcohol, and how they impact people’s lives.

YDAD program consists of:

  • An alcohol awareness class
  • A visit to the coroner’s office
  • Visit to the local trauma center
  • A 1,000 word essay

With the alcohol awareness class, participants are presented with hard-hitting statistics and they hear stories from people whose lives were changed due to drug and alcohol abuse. They also experience different levels of intoxication through simulation goggles.

With the coroner’s visit, an Orange County coroner explains the physical effects of drug and alcohol use. Participants will be given vivid examples of the short and long-term effects of these substances on the body – something that is rarely talked about.

In a four-hour trip to a local trauma center, participants may see patients arrive who were injured in a drunk driving crash. They will see videos about the effects of drugs and alcohol, and listen to experts from the trauma unit.

Lastly, each participant is required to write a 1,000 word essay discussing what they learned and what impact the YDAD program will have on their futures.

The YDAD program in Orange County is available to anyone who wishes to participate, court orders are not necessary. Parents and guardians are welcome to sign up, and self-referrals are encouraged as well.

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