Seattle Nullifies Tickets for Marijuana Use

Pete Holmes, the City Attorney of Seattle, is dropping all marijuana-use tickets distributed during the first seven months of this year. Why? The City Attorney believes that most of the tickets were issued by one man: a police officer who disagrees with Washington's new marijuana legislation.

In a City Council briefing earlier this week, the City Attorney said he is moving to dismiss approximately 100 tickets. He also hopes to refund several individuals who already paid the $27 fine connected to the infraction.

News sources report that the officer, who is responsible for about 80 percent of the tickets issued between January and July, addressed some of the citations to "Petey Holmes" and even wrote notes on the tickets stating that he thought he law was ridiculous.

The police department's Office of Professional Accountability will investigate the situation and the officer responsible for the tickets is temporarily reassigned. Although the police chief asked Holmes to only drop tickets issued by the disgruntled officer, Holmes decided to drop all of the citations made between January and July for the sake of procedural efficiency.