Ohio Judge Gets DUI After Years of Anti-DUI Education in High Schools

An Ohio judge has spent many years holding DUI trials in local high schools to teach students about the dangers of drinking and driving. Today, he faces a painfully ironic accusation of the same offense. According to local news sources, law enforcement arrested the judge for driving under the influence and neglecting to stop after a traffic accident.

Law enforcement believes the judge hit a public transportation bus on Sunday night while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. No injuries were reported.

Police reported that the 60-year-old judge refused to submit to breathe testing or participate in field sobriety tests. He now faces two first-degree misdemeanor charges and up to six months in jail, if convicted.

The judge started a tradition of moving DUI trials (with permission from the defendants) out of the courtroom and into high school classrooms. His goal was to provide students with a tangible example of the consequences of drunk driving.

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