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Judge Dropped DUI Case for Prosecutor's Nephew

A Pennsylvania judge has been accused of dropping a DUI case against the nephew of a prosecutor. As a result, the judge is facing charges of felony perjury and obstructing the administration of law.

Nephew and Judge Both Facing Punishment

In December of 2011, a Pennsylvania judge was presiding over a case involving a defendant that slammed his SUV into a mailbox and guardrail before driving away without stopping. Law enforcement went to the home of the defendant who admitted to drinking at a local bar before driving home. A breath test indicated that his blood alcohol level was above the legal limit.

The defendant was a second-time offender, and was convicted of a DUI a few months earlier. He was looking to get into a diversionary program aimed at first-time offenders.

The defendant was found to be the nephew of the assistant district attorney in the district the judge presided over. The judge is said to have dismissed the case and told a police officer on the case that he was experiencing job-related issues since the defendant was the nephew of the district attorney. A request to refile charges against the defendant were blocked by the district attorney.

The judge is not only accused of unfairly handling the case, but also lying under oath in relation to the case. He claimed that no police officer had requested the case to continue while multiple other testimonies stated that they had.

The defendant's case was reopened. He lost his license for a year, will spend two months on house arrest, face probation, and be forced to pay for all property damage.