Former Green Bay Packer Arrested for Driving High

Colt Lyerla, a former Green Bay Packer, was arrested under suspicion of DUI early Saturday morning. According to news outlets, Lyerla was reported under the influence of a controlled substance. The arrest occurred only two weeks after he reached an injury settlement with the Packers. Coupled with the DUI, the settlement could have a serious impact on his changes of a future career in the NFL.

A local newspaper in Oregon said that Lyerla was spotted by police around 2 a.m. He was arrested several hours later, but local law enforcement revealed that the football player may have been high while operating the car. Lyerla is schedule to appear in court on September 17th.

This isn't Lyerla's first scrape with the law; last year, police arrested him for possessing cocaine. In May, he was bypassed by the NFL draft but given the opportunity to try out for the Packers' rookie camp. After signing a contract, he played for one week and suffered a serious knee injury while practicing.

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