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Man Accrues Four DUI Charges Within 30 Hours

A Rhode Island man found himself facing four DUI charges within just a 30 hour period. His antics began on a Sunday and ended on a Monday, making his story a seemingly record breaking DUI spree.

Man Keeps Drinking & Keeps Driving

After his first three DUI arrests, the 53-year-old man was released into the custody of his parents. When he received his fourth DUI charge, police found his blood alcohol level to be nearly three times the legal limit. The man had an eventful two days culminating in his arrest.

  • First arrest: Crashed a Dodge pickup truck into a SUV on Sunday morning and injured two children. After being taken to a local hospital, he threatened law enforcement and threw a bottle of urine at hospital staff.
  • Second arrest: Rear-ended his Chevy Malibu into another car Monday morning with a .22 blood alcohol level and was released to the custody of his parents.
  • Third arrest: Caught by law enforcement after driving erratically in a Plymouth Barracuda. He was brought to the hospital for treatment and walked out without being discharged.
  • Final arrest: Crashed a dump truck into a tree. He was then brought to the hospital for a blood test and held for court.

Law enforcement said that the first arrests were misdemeanors and he was able to make bail for each of those instances, however, with a fourth arrest he is certainly facing stiffer penalties.