Does Law Enforcement Need a Breathalyzer for Marijuana?

As marijuana has been decriminalized and even legalized in states across America, one of the problems facing law enforcement is how to regulate driving under the influence of this drug. THC, the main chemical compound in marijuana, can cause problems for law enforcement because it is processed by the body much differently than alcohol and because it can remain in the user's system for days or weeks following its use.

The nature of THC makes it difficult for law enforcement to accurately measure if a driver is impaired – and especially if they are too impaired – when they are behind the wheel of their car. The problem for officers in the field, then, becomes finding an effective tool that can be used to accurately determine when a driver is too high to drive.

Development of a Marijuana Breathalyzer

Due to these concerns, a company called Cannabix Technologies is preparing to unveil a breathalyzer device that can detect the presence of THC in a driver's lungs. The device can determine if a driver has used the substance within two hours of getting behind the wheel. Since it only involves a suspect breathing into the device, it can be used at routine traffic stops and can be more accurate than the traditional law enforcement testing methods.

The perks of a marijuana breathalyzer is that it can minimize the intensive time and costs that occur when someone is falsely accused of driving under the influence of marijuana. However, it may also cause an increase in the amount of people that are arrested and provide more evidence against them in court.

The potential for a breathalyzer of this kind is no cause for concern. Like any breathalyzer, the results of a marijuana breathalyzer can be proven inaccurate or questionable, especially early on in its development. A skilled DUI defense attorney will be able to examine the testing process, the manner the test was given, and other factors to find holes in prosecution's charges. As this product is rolled into the market, it will be more important than ever to protect yourself with an attorney in a DUI case.

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