Breathalyzer Apps May Not Be Effective

One of the biggest concerns that a person faces when they are out drinking is determining if it is safe for them to get behind the wheel of a car. Blood alcohol levels can vary depending on what a person is drinking, how much water was consumed, their height and weight, what they have eaten that day, and the time between drinks. While the best course of action is to never drive after consuming alcohol, this is not always possible.

For some people with smart phones, Breathalyzer apps or consumer-grade breathalyzers are touted as a great way to test blood alcohol levels before driving. The question is whether these apps and devices are accurate enough to make sure your safe and legal to drive.

Smartphone Apps Increase Awareness of BAC

While it is a good idea for a person to be cautious of what they are drinking and aware of how these drinks affect their behavior, there is no guarantee that the apps claiming they can produce this information are accurate. So while these apps may assist drivers with making better decisions, they also may be misleading drivers to believe they have a lower BAC than they actually do.

A recent study has placed some Breathalyzer apps in competition with police equipment and shown that not only did the results of the apps vary widely, but also grossly misreported how high someone's blood alcohol content actually was. When it comes to DUI charges , the only determinate of drunk driving accepted in the court is the alcohol tests and reports from local law enforcement.

According to Attorney Virginia L. Landry, "There are all sorts of applications for your smartphones with today's rapidly changing technologies. Don't be foolish though: just like the games you play when waiting for someone, a DUI app may be merely a fun "game" to play and not a legitimate or forensically reliable indication of the blood alcohol concentration. The best application available is free: Have a plan BEFORE you go out for a night of drinking!"

While these apps may not provide accurate representation of what a person's blood alcohol level actually is, they can help a person become more aware of their drinking habits. If a person suspects that they may be in any way impaired by alcohol, the safest bet is to get to avoid confrontation with the law. If you have questions about a DUI arrest, breathalyzer results, and what the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. can do to help, contact our legal team today.

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