Three Things You Should Know About Ignition Interlock Devices

California law carries stiff penalties for drunk driving, including IIDs (Ignition Interlock Devices). If you were convicted of drunk driving, the court may have enacted this penalty. If you were arrested for drunk driving, you probably have many questions about the possible consequences, including IIDs. Continue reading for helpful information about IIDs and drunk driving penalties.

  1. You have to pay for it by yourself.
  2. If the court issues a mandatory IID installation in your car, you must pay someone to install it for you. You also have to pay for the actual device. Prices vary, but the average IID costs less than $100 to install and about $2.50 every day. Depending on how long the device must be installed, the amount can accumulate quickly.
  3. Cheating the IID is a crime.
    Sometimes, people try avoid using the interlock device by having a friend or family member take the test instead. This is illegal. The driver is always responsible to take the test. Likewise, any other driver who uses your vehicle must take a breath test a well. It is also illegal to tamper with the IID or remove it from your car.
  4. Food can give you a bad reading.
    Food, mouthwash, and non-alcohol beverages can give you a false positive reading. Researchers recommend waiting at least 20 minutes after consuming food before using the IID. Additionally, avoid using mouthwash before using the IID. Because mouthwash contains alcohol, it can create a positive reading.

Avoid DUI Penalties with the Right Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc., we are committed to helping our clients avoid the consequences of a drunk driving conviction, including IIDs. If you were arrested, we invite you to contact an Orange County DUI defense attorney from our office today. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can help.

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