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How to Avoid a Spring Break DUI

DUI enforcement is especially vigilant during major holidays and school breaks. Spring break is no exception, and few things will ruin your vacation like an arrest. Here a few tips to avoid an unnecessary drunk driving arrest during your spring break.

Never Keep Open Bottles of Alcohol in Your Car

It is unlawful to keep an open bottle of alcohol in your vehicle, even if you aren't drinking it. You could face criminal penalties if a passenger is drinking or if you have an opened bottle of liquor sitting in your back seat. If you are taking alcohol to party, keep it in the trunk.

Don't Drink if You're Under 21

California's zero tolerance law states that drivers less than 21 years of age are not allowed to drive with a BAC that exceeds .01%. In other words, underage drivers cannot have any traceable alcohol in their system. Underage drinking is never a good idea, especially during holidays or school breaks.

Make Plans to Get Home Before You Leave

Before you hit the road for a party, make plans to get home. Text a friend and ask for a ride or plan to take a taxi. Staying prepared is the best way to avoid a drunk driving arrest, especially during high-patrol times like spring break.

What to Avoid at a DUI Checkpoint

Law enforcement may choose to conduct more DUI checkpoints during spring break. If you are stopped at a DUI checkpoint, avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Do not "talk back" – Always treat law enforcement with respect. Talking back might lead to an arrest for obstruction of justice. This guideline applies to passengers and drivers.
  2. Do not drive erratically – Aggressive driving can constitute "probable cause" for a DUI investigation. Avoid an arrest by driving safely near checkpoints.
  3. Do not complain about your rights – Many people believe that DUI checkpoints infringe on their constitutional rights. Avoid talking about this at the checkpoint. Instead, talk to your lawyer.

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