Man Arrested For DUI After Fatal Costa Mesa Auto Accident

A man has been arrested for suspected DUI after allegedly running a red light and striking a vehicle that was getting off the 405 freeway in Costa Mesa, leaving one person dead and another injured.

The accident occurred just before 10:00pm on Saturday at the Harbor Boulevard off-ramp, according to the Costa Mesa Police Department. The driver, who has been identified as an Anaheim resident, allegedly ran a red light and collided with a Kia Optima as it was exiting the 405 freeway. The driver of the Kia, a 23-year-old woman, was pronounced dead at the scene. A male passenger in the Kia was taken to a local hospital with moderate injuries.

The driver who allegedly caused the collision pulled into a nearby parking lot and called the police. According to Costa Mesa police, he had already allegedly struck another vehicle near the intersection of Harbor Boulevard and Date Place. He was arrested and booked on suspicion of felony DUI, felony-hit-and-run andvehicular manslaughter and was then released on $100,000 bail on Sunday afternoon.

When you combine allegations of DUI, hit-and-run and a fatal accident, you have a situation where a driver may face charges for multiple felony offenses and years in state prison if convicted. In these cases, involvement of a criminal defense lawyer who understands the ins and outs of DUI defense will be a driver's only chance at avoiding a conviction and maximum penalties. Though these are certainly serious cases, there are ways to effectively challenge various aspects of DUI, hit-and-run and vehicular manslaughter charges.

Using physical evidence, an independent analysis and reconstruction of the accident, an independent review of a blood test, witness testimony, police reports and other information, an effective defense may be built against even the most serious DUI-related charges. At the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, we place a direct focus on DUI charges. DUI defense is a particular area of law that requires a complete knowledge of all issues unique to these cases, such as breath and blood testing, field sobriety tests, sobriety checkpoints and their relation to California DUI legislation and case law. If you are looking for experience and commitment, you have come to the right place.

Contact an Orange County DUI attorney at our firm and you will have the opportunity to ask a knowledgeable professional any pressing questions and to gain insight that applies to your particular case. Armed with accurate information, you can make the right choices about your DUI defense.

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