Justin Bieber to Accept Plea Deal in DUI Case

20-year-old pop sensation Justin Bieber has reportedly put an end to his global DUI drama by accepting a plea deal. The deal comes several months after Bieber was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, driving without a valid license, and resisting arrest in Miami on January 23 after he allegedly caused a disturbance drag racing an exotic sports car.

As a result of the deal, the charges against Bieber will be dropped in exchange for a guilty plea to one charge of reckless driving. According to officials, Bieber will also be required to pay a fine and attend anger management classes. This is the same deal that Bieber' friend, 19-year-old Khalil Sharieff, will accept. Sharieff was arrested for DUI with Bieber. The deal is expected to be formally entered in court in the coming week.

Sources report that the judge and prosecutors had initially suggested Bieber produce and star in an anti-drug PSA and that he attend drug and alcohol education classes. Bieber's attorneys, however, were able to argue against the suggested deal and negotiate new terms. As part of his plea deal, Bieber will also avoid probation and, once he fulfills the terms of the deal, will not have the reckless driving conviction appear on his record.

Following his arrest, chemical tests revealed that Bieber had both marijuana and Xanax in his system. His blood alcohol level (BAC) was also allegedly .014% - which is below Florida's .08% legal limit for drivers over the age of 21 and .02% for drivers under 21.

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