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How Many Drinks Does it Take to Affect Your Driving?

Your level of intoxication is determined by measuring the ratio of alcohol to blood in your system. The legal intoxication limit is:

  • .08% for drivers of passenger vehicles
  • .04% for commercial vehicle drivers
  • zero tolerance for drivers under 21 years old

It is always better to refrain from driving after drinking, even if you think you are under the BAC limit. Everyone should stay on the safe side, and only use this table as a helpful estimate.

Being impaired and being drunk are also two separate concepts. A person might be under the legal intoxication threshold but still be impaired.

Find your weight (in pounds) in the vertical column and then compare that to the number of drinks you had. One drink is the equivalent of a 12oz. beer, one 1.5oz. shot of hard liquor, or one 5oz. glass of wine.

1 2 3 4 5 6
120 .027 .054 .081 .108 .135 .161
140 .023 .046 .069 .092 .115 .138
160 .020 .040 .060 .080 .101 .121
180 .018 .036 .054 .072 .090 .108
200 .016 .032 .048 .064 .080 .097
220 .015 .029 .044 .058 .073 .088
240 .014 .029 .044 .058 .073 .081

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