Four Surprising Ways to Get a DUI Without a Car

You might think that the term, "driving under the influence" refers to driving a car. This is true, but DUI is not limited to typical vehicles, such as passenger cars and trucks. In fact, law enforcement can arrest you for driving anything that legally qualifies as a "vehicle" – including a tricycle. According to news sources, police arrested a man in Oregon for operating an adult-sized tricycle under the influence of alcohol.

After issuing the man a warning, police saw the man riding the tricycle in a traffic lane on the wrong side of the road and arrested him for DUI.

In another news story, law enforcement arrested a man for operating an Amish buggy under the influence of alcohol. Police originally stopped the buggy when they noticed that the man was driving it without any visible lights. They later discovered that he consumed 12 beers at a carnival before attempting to driver the buggy home. When law enforcement asked if he was Amish, the man replied "bad Amish."

In Illinois, law enforcement can arrest you for operating a motorized wheelchair while drunk. News sources claim that police arrested a man for driving his motorized wheelchair to the store while intoxicated. The man spent the night in jail, officers determined that the wheelchair was not a vehicle and voided the ticket.

In some states, motorized scooters are vehicles by law. One man was arrested in North Carolina after police found him driving a 50-pound electric scooter. Reports said the man was swerving, and sobriety tests revealed that his BAC was .13% - well over the legal limit. A jury found the man guilty of drunk driving, even though North Carolina state laws allow drivers to operate horses and lawnmowers under the influence of alcohol.

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