Will Justin Bieber Take a Plea Bargain? Prosecutors Say "Yes"

Miami Beach prosecutors are convinced that Justin Bieber will take a plea bargain before his DUI case makes it court. According to a police report, the 19-year-old Canadian pop singer was found drag racing under the influence of drugs and alcohol on January 23rd around 4:13 am. The arresting officer's report also claimed that Bieber's license expired six months ago.

Although Bieber pled "not guilty," prosecutors told news sources that they think he will take a plea bargain. Toxicology reports indicated that Bieber had Xanax, alcohol, and marijuana in his system. Additionally, law enforcement claims that Bieber failed field sobriety testing and resisted arrest.

Why did Bieber plead "not guilty?"

Prosecutors appear to have a cut-and-dry case against Bieber, but he still entered a plea of "not guilty." While Bieber's plea may seem irrational, a closer look at the police report reveals several holes in the prosecutor's case:

  • The Breathalyzer Test - According to Bieber' Breathalyzer test, the singer's BAC did not exceed .014%. This number is below the Florida .08% threshold for DUI and the DUI threshold for minors (.02%). In fact, .014% is barely traceable.
  • Alleged "Drag Racing" – The police report indicates that Bieber was driving nearly 60mph in a 30mph residential zone. However, a GPS tracking system at the car's rental company showed that he was driving nowhere near this speed.

Bieber to Spend Valentine's Day in Court

Bieber bailed out of jail only a few hours after his arrest, but the pop singer is scheduled to reappear in court on February 14th for his arraignment. Meanwhile, Bieber was spotted vacationing in Panama over the weekend.

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