Do I Need to Hire a DUI Lawyer?

Anyone who has been arrested for DUI should consult with an experienced DUI attorney instead of trying to represent themselves in court. A lawyer can walk the accused step by step through the court process, work with them to minimize any charges or penalties they may face, and be an important resource for information and support. Even if the accused thinks they should plead guilty, they should consult with a lawyer, especially when they face the severe consequences associated with a DUI conviction.

A driver faces jail time, fines, license suspension, and countless other penalties stemming from a DUI arrest. DUI laws are meant to punish these drivers to the fullest extent. A DUI attorney will know the details of this law and use it to the driver's advantage. For example, an attorney will have resources to challenge a breath test reading that would be unavailable to someone defending themselves.

Some of the things a DUI attorney can fight for include:

  • Reduce or eliminate criminal penalties
  • Allow a driver to keep their license
  • Plead down a DUI to another offense
  • Take a plea bargain to avoid trial

A driver defending themselves will not have these options available, or will have a difficult time achieving them. A wet reckless, for example, is one such way a lawyer can reduce penalties and charges. A wet reckless is a lesser offense and will carry less severe penalties. It essentially means that a driver admits to driving irresponsibly and alcohol was involved, not that the driver was driving under the influence.

Anyone who seeks to defend themselves from DUI charges at all, whether it be trying to prove innocence or reducing potential consequences, should hire an experienced and proven DUI attorney. The Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. represents all types of individuals who have been charged with all types of DUI and criminal offenses. If you have questions about your case, rights, and how our team can help you, contact us for a free, personalized case evaluation.

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