Is "Slurred Speech" Real DUI Evidence?

Like any criminal conviction, DUIs need evidence. When an officer pulls you over, he /she must have valid evidence that you committed a crime, even if that crime was rolling through a stop sign or swerving out of your lane. To conduct a DUI investigation (extensive questions, field sobriety tests, etc.), the officer needs additional evidence that you are under the influence of alcohol.

Without this evidence in the police report, law enforcement may not be able to conduct a legal arrest.

Common forms of DUI evidence are:

  • The "odor of alcohol" on your person / breath
  • Open container of alcohol in the vehicle
  • Bloodshot / watery eyes
  • Slurred speech

Slurred speech: shaky evidence for DUI?

While some forms of evidence are self-explanatory, others are less convincing. Slurred speech, for instance, is not always caused by intoxication. Even still, law enforcement uses speech patterns to "identify" drunk drivers.

A recent article in Discover magazine noted that law enforcement officers, bartenders, and many others identify intoxicated people by their speech. Since slurred speech can indicate intoxication, police officers will include it in their reports as "evidence" for drunk driving.

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