Orange County DUI Statistics

Behind Los Angeles and San Diego County, Orange County is the third most populous county in California. We are known world-wide for our famous attractions— from Disneyland and Knott's Berr y Farm to our beautiful beaches that make up forty miles of coastline.

Orange County is also known for taking DUI seriously. Because driving while intoxicated is such a rampant problem in Orange County, if you are charged with this offense, you should secure aggressive legal defense immediately.

  • About 13,000 people from Orange County are convicted of DUI each year
  • According to Doug Irving's story "Some O.C. Cities Post Worst DUI Crash Rates," Orange County cities rank among the worst in California for rates of injuries/fatalities caused by DUI
  • Of all Group B cities in California (in other words, cities with a population of 100,001 to 250,000), Orange ranked number one for driving fatalities and collisions
  • In 2010, Orange County ranked second only to Los Angeles in the state for DUI deaths and injury collisions
  • According to Irving, college towns and beach communities likely contribute to the rampant DUI problem in Orange County
  • Writer Michael Goldstein's opinion is that, "…the problem with the suburban sprawl of Orange County is there's limited public transportation, cabs aren't cheap, and the vast majority of bars and restaurants have tempting parking lots. If you do get a cab, you'll have to find a way to retrieve your car before dawn the next day, or it could be towed."

Because law personnel are very aggressive in Orange County when it comes to arresting and prosecuting intoxicated drivers, you should take this charge seriously. In some years, more than 90% of DUI arrests have resulted in convictions.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case, Attorney Virginia L. Landry can help defend you against these charges and fight for your rights. As a National College for DUI Defense Board Certified Specialist, Attorney Landry has the extensive knowledge and experience you can benefit from! For the hard-hitting legal representation you need, contact her and her team today!

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