Error at OC Crime Lab Could Indicate Other Oversights

Attorney Virginia Landry was recently featured in an article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times. The article was about the inaccurate blood tests resulting from calibration failures at the Orange County Crime Lab. The improper calibration affected about 900 people who had been tested for drunk driving since May.

Although the mistake "only" resulted in a margin of error of .003 percent, that is enough to put some people over the legal intoxication limit who, in reality, were not. According to Landry, this oversight could indicate even more mistakes at the Orange County Crime Lab.

"If it took them nearly five months to figure out this mistake, what else is there?" asked Landry.

The director of the crime lab, Bruce Houlihan, admitted that this human error that was not detected in regular monthly equipment checks. It was not until the lab conducted an audit that the mistake was found. Five months passed from the initial error until it was found just a few weeks ago.

The concern of Landry and other DUI attorneys like her is that there might be more errors just like this one. Any failure in oversight opens up the question "What else is there?" as Landry asked. In light of this recent discovery, the Orange County Crime Lab will likely be more alert in the future, hopefully avoiding future mistakes of this nature.

While "to err is human," to err can be costly. The Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry is currently looking into reopening multiple cases that may have been affected by this error. To learn more about this firm and how an Orange County DUI lawyer could help you, call today for a free case evaluation.

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