5 Arrested in DUI Taskforce Sting at Newport Beach Courthouse

In recent news, five drivers convicted of DUI were arrested just after leaving the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach. The arrests were coordinated by the "Avoid the 38" DUI taskforce in Orange County. This type of "court sting" is becoming more common in our county. What happens is law enforcement officers wait outside of courts for recently convicted DUI offenders to see if they drive away from the court parking lot despite having suspended licenses.

The five suspects who were arrested today were followed by undercover officers who were part of the Avoid the 38 taskforce. The undercover officers would watch and see who from the courthouse got into their cars to drive away, and then tipped off uniformed deputies. The uniformed deputies pulled the drivers over and arrested them for driving on a suspended license.

The Newport Beach Courthouse where these arrests took place is just a short 15 minutes away from The Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry. In fact, many of the cases we handle for clients take place at this courthouse. Court stings like this are happening more and more frequently in light of the recent state grant designed exclusively to crack down on drunk drivers. If this has happened to you, contact an Orange County DUI lawyer at our firm today. We can help you fight back against these types of charges.

To read the full article, view "Anti-DUI Sting Nabs 5 at Newport Beach Courthouse"

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