Marine Receives Sentencing for Murder That Killed Another Serviceman

In 2009, a U.S. marine was killed after a tragic accident with another member of the service. It is said that Andrew Stuber was driving his fast sports car with his friend, Edmund Vandecasteele. The car was speeding fast and when he lost control of the wheel it spun off and crashed into a tree, completely cutting the car in half and killing young Edmund along with it. In February of this year, Stuber was sentenced as guilty of vehicular manslaughter and he received one year of jail time as well as five years of probation.

Reports claim that he was also supposed to spend another two years in a state prison, though it has been currently suspended for unknown reasons. Apparently this young man the night of the tragic accident was the designated driver for his group of Marine friends who had been out partying that night. However, after going at least 20 mph over the speed limit around the dangerous curve, his Ford Mustang was able to take the impact and his friend died and the other two servicemen were not injured too severely. When the police arrived to the scene, Stubers blood alcohol content level was 0.09%, just a tad over the legal limit.

The family of the dead victim mourns his loss, shocked that a young man who would risk his life for his country was killed here in the states because of a reckless drunk driver. There are many details that involved with a DUI manslaughter case, and in the event that an individual is facing these charges, a DUI defense attorney is critical! At The Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry we are committed to doing what is necessary to help our clients fight for their rights when being accused of driving under the influence. Contact us today if you have questions, act soon because time is of the essence when accused of a DUI!

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