Labor Day Weekend Resulted in Over 500 DUI Arrests

The U.S. has been actively creating ways for law enforcement to crack down on those who are accused of driving under the influence. With a nationwide anti-DUI campaign, each state and their individual counties has taken part as a way to fight against those who are driving under the influence. This anti-DUI campaign began August 17, and was meant to be in place until the close of Labor day weekend, and in that time period the Orange County law enforcement has made 543 arrests.

This number is believed to continue increasing over the next few weeks as the local police agencies turn in all of their official reports. As you can see, the police officers in this country have been on extreme duty and ready to make as many arrests for DUI’s as possible. As a result of the higher amount of law enforcement on duty, more and more arrests were being made, likely to those suspects who normally wouldn’t have been accused. At the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry we understand that one night of fun shouldn’t have to ruin your driving record for the next few years, and we want to help you fight whatever charges you are facing regarding driving under the influence.

Were you one of the many accused of a DUI in during this nationwide campaign? If so, you must take action fast! There is a 10 day window in which you can appeal your charges, and our firm wants to defend you in the process. With years of experience, our team is equipped to defend a variety of level DUI charges, and have seen many successful cases in that time. We understand the weight that a DUI charge can place on your shoulders, and we will do what is necessary to defend your case. Contact us today for more information!

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