Elderly Man Facing 5th DUI Charge

An elderly man in the state of Vermont has recently been arrested for his 5th time for driving under the influence of alcohol. Eugene Dion is a 79 year old man, who allegedly has done more against the law than just driving under the influence. Dion has apparently now been arrested for 8 different counts of driving without a license in Chelsea, Vermont. The police report that this man was driving his truck down the road swerving back and forth over the center divider line. The police pulled him over for dangerous driving discovering that he both was not in possession of his license, and he was also under the influence.

According to the police reports, he was brought into the sheriff’s department and then was released with a citation. He now awaits his hearing before the criminal court later this week. His official charges are to address his possible 5th DUI charge as well as 8 different occasions of being caught without a license. In the event of a person receiving multiple DUI charges, having a strong DUI defense attorney is one of the most important decisions an individual can make. For those who face third DUI charges or more are considered to be felony acts, and the jail time could be as minimal to30 days to a year or more depending on your specific crime, and then actual prison time may go up to 5 years.

If convicted, a person will likely lose their license for at least a year, there will be extremely hefty fines to pay, after you get your car back in the future, there is a chance of having the ignition interlock device attacked to your car as well. As you can see being convicted of a DUI holds many consequences which are why it is so important to have a strong DUI defense team helping you through the process. Contact The Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry today for more information regarding your DUI defense!

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