DUI Checkpoint Funding Not Approved For City of Fullerton

The Fullerton City Police Department has been attempting to crack down on drunk drivers, and one of their methods for do so was to implement more DUI checkpoints throughout their town. Their grant would cost the city $50,000 and they believe that it would be highly effective in catching those who are driving under the influence. The City Council did not approve for this plan to be in motion, and their town hasn’t had a DUI checkpoint since the holiday weekend two weeks ago.

The city police participate in “saturation” patrols, and this is where a number of officers will patrol over a city and catch anyone that is believed to be drink and driving, they claim that this may perhaps increase the numbers of their arrests made, it still doesn’t give them the educational benefit that they would receive when experiencing a DUI checkpoint. The police department claims that they do acknowledge that running a DUI checkpoint is quite expensive; they allow the public to be educated on the consequences and dangers of driving under the influence. The OC police officers are trying to really see to it that those who drive drunk on their streets suffer the consequences for their actions.

Though as a result of their budget cuts, they have made half of the amounts of DUI arrests in the last year as they did during 2009-2010. Fullerton city specifically has been trying to get this grant passed as a result of a tragic DUI crash that happened in 2009, killing a pitcher from a Los Angeles Anaheim team. In this fatal accident, Nick Adenhart as well as two of his friends were killed in the accident after being hit by a drunk driver. In the event of a person being accused of driving under the influence, no matter the charges, a person still has the right to be properly defended before the court. Contact The Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry for the DUI defense attorney that you deserve!

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