Amanda Bynes Car Impounded After Driving With a Suspended License After DUI

Amanda Bynes, well-loved child actor, has had a few interactions with the law recently, including a DUI arrest in April along with two separate hit and run incidents that month as well. The legal proceedings took some time, and it was determined in the end of August that her license would be suspended. Apparently she was driving around the city of Burbank, CA when she was pulled over and caught driving without her license. The police officer cited her for the infraction and let her go on her way. This young actress was also spotted smoking something in her vehicle, though at this time it is uncertain what it really is; she claims it was a tobacco pipe.

With all the hype about Bynes many DUI’s, it concerns the actress Lindsey Lohan that she is being sent to jail while Bynes is getting a citation. Though at this time, Amanda has yet to go before the court for her DUI hearings which will be at the end of September to determine her guilt. Being accused of a DUI and a hit and run can be a lot to handle for any young person, actor or not, she is still young and deserves the opportunity to fight for herself.

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