911 Caller Reports Costa Mesa Councilman of a DUI

The Orange County police department is currently investigating a 911 call that was made, accusing a city Councilman of driving under the influence. With an anonymous caller to report the DUI, the Costa Mesa police arrived, and pulled over Jim Righeimer and after conducting a field sobriety test, determined that the man was completely sober. Investigators are trying to determine why a person would accused the man of driving under the influence to the point of actually making a police officer waste their time when they could be helping other people.

Righeimer, being a strong political conservative, believes that he knows exactly what their reasoning’s are, and that would be to set him up. He claims that the public employee union has been trying to interfere with his political plans, and that it possible was their idea to set him up. The accusations came from a local tavern, which is owned by another city councilman Gary Monahan. Investigators have been looking into video tapes from that night, and despite people’s accusations, Righeimer shows no signs of drinking or stumbling as he approached his vehicle.

The councilman shares that he merely drank diet coke that night and nothing more, however law firms that represent the police union are fighting hard against the councilman to prove that because the officer on duty did not administer a breathalyzer test, the field sobriety test could not be validated. It was discovered that the 911 caller was a private investigator that worked with the law firm that was originally representing the police unions in the area, and originally denied that he made the call, though later admitted that it was him.

If Jim Righeimer were to be convicted of a DUI charge, it could have ruined his political career. No person should have to deal with the false accusations of another person, especially that of drunk driving. If you or someone you know has been accused of this, contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry today for the DUI defense attorney that you deserve!

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