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Young Woman Dies in Car Accident: Driver and Friend Possibly Under the Influence

In Los Angeles on the 10 Freeway, a twenty year old woman lost her life after being involved in a car accident. According to reports the victim, whose name was not released, was a passenger in a 2007 Audi with her friend driving the car. Molly Kate Adams, 21, is suspected for having been under the influence when she was driving the car that night. At 1:30 a.m. they were on the freeway when Adams rear ended a large freight truck and tractor combination and a very high speed.

Though, as with many accidents when one car stops abruptly, others are bound to crash when traveling at high freeway speeds. Sadly, this occurred for these two women in the Audi, another car smashed into the back of their vehicle, causing them to be jammed underneath the freight truck. Their bodies were completely stuck in the vehicle, and as a result they were forced to wait until the ambulance and fire fighters were on the scene for them to get out.

The passenger was taken immediately to a local hospital, though she was pronounced dead there. Adams was also taken to the hospital for minor treatments and was later arrested for the accident. Investigators believe that she as driving her car while under the influence. The driver of the other vehicle, as well as the truck driver, was completely uninjured by this accident. Being accused of driving under the influence is a terrible thing to experience, and when there are possible charges for manslaughter the possible penalties may be much more severe.

Living with the knowledge that whatever happened that night, your friend died in your presence, is a lot for any young woman to handle. If you or someone you know has been accused of any measure of driving under the influence, contact The Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry today for the defense lawyer you deserve.