Woman Arrested for Fifth DUI

Multiple DUI charges can result in much more severe of a punishment from the law if convicted. What could have been months in jail can now turn to years, fines will increase, and so will the time period of a suspended license. These penalties are based off of the fact that a person just committed a DUI infraction, and yet there are many situations in which a person who is arrested for DUI will also be looking at other charges as well.

This is the case for 25 year old Rachel Lee Coleman, who as of this week has been arrested for her fifth DUI encounter. Not only is she facing those charges, but she is also looking at aggravated assault on law enforcement, attempted first degree murder, DUI, felony hit and run, as well as felony attempt to escape arrest. According to police reports, they were chasing her in a pursuit and while the officers tried to end the chase, she continued to resist, and it turned into a high speed chase.

She avoided arrest, even with the officers shooting at her and at one point as the officer attempted to fire at her, she hit him with her car. Even after striking the officer, she proceeded to evade the arrest and after some time they were able to apprehend and arrest her. According to Coleman’s boyfriend, they had consumed a lot of alcohol that night, and he left the bar before she did, creating the likelihood of her consuming even more than he thought.

Coleman has already served time for her prior DUI convictions, and now there is a good likelihood if she is convicted that she will be spending a lot more time behind bars. Due to the severity of the situation, hiring a strong DUI defense attorney is imperative for anyone who wants to avoid these types of charges. If you or someone you know has been arrested for a DUI, contact The Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry today for more information on challenging your charges. We can’t guarantee any outcomes, but we will do whatever we can to help you fight. Call us today!

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