Town Asks City Councilman to Step Down After Rumors of DUI and Prostitution Ring Involvement

The city of Maitland has asked one of their city councilman to step down from leadership after catching wind that he not only receive a DUI charge while in Tampa, FL, but also that he allegedly was involved with an Orange County prostitution ring. Vice Mayor Phil Bonus is now feeling the pressures of his community to step down, stating that it would be in the best interest of the community if he was no longer involved in the City Council. The head Mayor, Howard Schieferdecker, claims that he has received a lot of phone calls regarding Bonus, and an even greater amount of emails addressing their concerns.

The community claims that their “integrity is being threatened” by his remaining on the council and therefore his stepping down would not only help the community but it would also be beneficial for him to stay out of the spotlight with his scandal. Another mayor who works alongside Bonus stated in one his letters to Bonus that his stepping down would be a benefit not only to himself but also to save his family, because as the family hears these sad details he needs to focus on being there and not running a city.

The local City Attorney, Cliff Shepherd, states that they will not forcibly remove him from his place as mayor until he has actually been charges with criminal acts, until then it is his liberty to stay in his place of leadership, despite what the community states. Being accused of a DUI can definitely taint a person’s picture within a community, especially one like Maitland. If you or someone you know has been arrested for a DUI, contact a defense attorney as soon as possible to help you fight your charges.