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Man Flees the Scene After Fatal DUI Crash

William Melendez was arrested in Florida for a tragic accident that caused another driver on the road to lose his life. According to the perspective of a witness to Monday’s crash, they told the Palm Beach Police that the suspect was driving a convertible down the highway around 4 p.m. at fast speeds when he quickly lost control of the car. At this point the convertible was sent through the median of the road, and crashed into an oncoming Mercedes. David Odom, the driver of the Mercedes, was dead at the scene.

Melendez was uninjured in the accident and proceeded to tell one of the witnesses that the accident was not his fault, and that he wanted to sit down because of what happened. He did exactly the opposite, Melendez decided to sprint from the scene of the accident and avoid the police that were coming to his location. It didn’t take long for him to be found, the Atlantis police soon picked him up.

The officers who found him running claim that his eyes were extremely bloodshot and they could smell the presence of alcohol on his breath. At the time of the accident Melendez was not only driving under the influence but he was also behind the wheel while his license was suspended as well. William Melendez is facing multiple charges for his actions which include DUI manslaughter.

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