Man Arrested for a DUI After Receiving a Warning From an Officer

According to police reports, Michael S. Vamos was drinking alcohol while in the presence of a deputy sheriff at his home and continued to chug the beer. At this time the deputy warned Vamos that it was best for him to remain at home while he was under the influence because he was highly impaired. That same deputy found him just an hour and a half later around 4 in the morning. What had the deputy out that night was a disturbance call that was made about a person on the road who was blaring music, at the wee hours of the morning, and honking their horn uncontrollably.

While the officers were out pursuing this disturbance call, they were also notified that the dispatchers received a call again about a possible gunshot being fired in the same area. The officer found the same man whom she saw earlier that night, still very much under the influence. When asked how many drinks he had that night he responded saying that he had too many. Another deputy who was on the scene claims that she had an interaction with Vamos just a week prior, and on this occasion he was involved in a heated argument and threatened to return for revenge. He was arrested for this event as well.

Initially Vamos tried to flee the scene, and then decided to participate in the field sobriety test. The officers held a pin in order to check the man’s eye movement to see if he was impaired, Vamos proceeded to attempt kissing the pin. The deputies then asked him for a breathalyzer test he refused, and was arrested with hesitation. His charges will be resisting arrest, DUI, as well as refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test. If you or someone you know has been accused of a DUI, don’t think this is the end of the road! Contact The Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry today for the defense attorney you need!

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