Fatal DUI Results in a Woman Spending 50 Years Behind Bars

A Tennessee woman was involved in a fatal DUI accident last July, one that left a 4 year old child and his grandfather dead. Barbara Mayfield, 45, was allegedly driving twice the speed limit down a road in her neighborhood and apparently crashed into several vehicles near an intersection and the little boy and his grandfather were killed in the accident, and another victim in a separate car was paralyzed from the accident as well.

The accident occurred in July 2011 and this August she pleaded guilty to many different counts including aggravated vehicular homicide, aggravated vehicular assault, third DUI, as well as a second count of driving with a revoked license. According to the police reports her BAC levels were over three times the legal limit for driving, and at the time of the incident her license had already been revoked for a prior DUI conviction.

Apparently, Mayfield has had multiple interactions with the law enforcement, having had a total of 12 different arrests for a variety of reasons, though the majority of the charges involved the use of alcohol. Having pleaded guilty to her actions, the judge has sentenced her to 50 years in prison, and after 15 of those years has been served she will be eligible for parole.

Being involved in an accident that claims the lives of other people is a tragedy, and is a huge weight for any person to have to live with. No matter the charges a person is facing, according to the law every person deserves the chance to receive a fair hearing and is given the chance to prove their innocence. If you or someone you know has been involved in a DUI accident, contact The Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry today to discuss the details of your case and start fighting the charges. When arrested for a DUI there is a ten day window for which you are able to challenge them, so don’t wait another moment, call today!

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