1,700 DUI Blood Samples to be Retested after Lab Error

In Denver, Colorado, news sources report that a state toxicology lab technician was fired from his position due to mistakes that were made while testing DUI blood samples. However, the technician is asserting that he should not be blamed for the errors as his boss signed off on his work. The worker, M F.-R., allegedly failed to follow lab protocol. However, he asserts that he was supposed to run initial tests on the blood samples which his supervisor was then supposed to review to ensure accuracy. As a result of errors, the state has to retest 1,700 blood samples from DUI defendants.

Now, many defense attorneys representing those charged with DUI are contesting charges. Defense lawyers say that bloodwork processed through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment lab may not be reliable and are asking for charges to be dropped against their clients. If you were arrested for DUI in the state of California and you suspect that your blood alcohol concentration results were not correct, take the time to consult an Orange County DUI lawyer from our team by contacting the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry today!

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