Why Do I Need to Hire an Attorney for my DUI?

All too often when someone is arrested, the initial shock, embarrassment and sleepless nights give way to the harsh reality that when you've never been in trouble before, how do you find someone to help you with the solutions needed to get accurate information and handle this problem in the best possible way. Although the majority of people arrested for a DUI choose to handle the case themselves, it is not the best thing to do from a long range planning perspective. Here are some reasons why.

Take for example that you are diagnosed with a rare life threatening disease such as cancer. Do you choose to go to the family medical doctor or a qualified oncologist? Both are qualified doctors for their respective practice areas and can do a great job of helping you. But whom is the best prepared for giving you the top treatment explanations, understanding the options, and making plans for optimizing your health options? Obviously the specialists.

At the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc., our entire team of qualified, experienced legal professionals becomes an important part of your recovery team. We are compassionate in your time of need, diligent in keeping you informed about your options, and dedicated to getting you the best possible outcome. We can guide you through the court and DMV processes, handling the initial request for a DMV hearing as well as appearing for you in court so you do not have to take time off of work unless your case is filed as a felony. All documents and reports will be provided to you for your review and files. Your questions will be answered and your worries resolved with our help.

Doing business since 1989 in Orange County, California, the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. is locally known for its integrity, professionalism and care for its clients. Our team makes your dilemma our personal cause, protecting you from illegal searches and seizures, erroneous information included in police reports and from junk science being used to try to convict you.

There are many defenses which our firm has successfully used to help other clients in need. As there is no fee for an initial consultation, please don't hesitate to contact us to set up an appointment to honestly discuss your options. We will not sugarcoat the bad, will analyze the information you provide to us, and come up with your particular and best strategy to help on the case. We value your input and consider you an important part of the process towards a fair solution.

The worst thing that can happen to someone accused of a crime is to later find out that there were legal and accurate defenses which could have been used by a specialist such as our firm, to avoid a conviction. Don't try to manage this yourself unless you have specific training in correctly administering the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, unless you own the breath testing devices used, and fully understand the science of alcohol absorption, distribution and elimination, as well as rules of evidence and persuasion.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people and sometimes good people make bad mistakes. Don't let pleading guilty be one of your biggest mistakes, because it cannot be undone!

Pass this on to someone you know who may be embarrassed by their arrest, or unsure where to turn to for help. We will come up with a solution to your arrest and provide you with peace of mind while the process works through the court and DMV. We look forward to helping you find the right solution for you, your family and your work.

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