Officer Admits to Drinking the Day of DUI Accident

In the state of California, a police officer was recently detained for causing a four-vehicle accident. Officer D.B.S., 42, has worked for the California Highway Patrol for 17 years. Earlier this month she caused a car accident due to the fact that she was drinking and driving. As a result, she was charged with one misdemeanor count of resisting arrest and two felony arrest charges for DUI causing injury. Although she was lucky to walk away uninjured, five other people were sent to area hospitals.

The police report does not indicate her exact blood-alcohol level, but it has been said that Officer D.B.S. had a BAC of at least .20 percent. At the time of her arrest, she refused to be placed in handcuffs and was heard shouting obscenities at the officers that were apprehending her. She later admitted to being an alcoholic and said she had been drinking the day leading up to the DUI accident. If you have been charged with DUI and are wondering how you can fight your charges and possibly avoid harsh penalties, you'll need to consult an Orange County DUI lawyer immediately to become aware of your defense options. To schedule your initial consultation, contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry now.

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