Man Arrested for Federal DUI After Driving on Airport Property

A young man is in legal trouble after deciding to get behind the wheel drunk last week. While drinking and driving is a criminal offense in itself, driving onto an airport runway is a federal offense. According to the police report, 24-year-old K.M. drove through a security gate at a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania airport. When security officers realized what had happened, they chased after him. K.M. did several laps around the airport before he was finally detained by the authorities.

After being charged with DUI, he was taken to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Luckily, no airplanes were struck during the high-speed chase. However, incoming planes were delayed for 30 minutes during the time that police were forced to shut down the airport. A federal DUI is no laughing matter as a conviction can result in jail time, fines, and other serious legal penalties. If you've been charged with federal DUI, take the time to consult an Orange County DUI lawyer who can help you fight your charges by contacting the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry now.

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