DUI Suspects Try to Fool Cops by Switching Seats

Two men involved in a DUI incident tried to fool cops by switching seats. What transpired instead, however, was both men getting tickets. When a policeman first spotted the vehicle, it was stuck in mud and both of the men were seated in the front. The officer saw the two men switch seats as soon as they realized that law enforcement had arrived. The actual driver, 21-year-old S.W. was arrested for drunk driving and negligent driving after losing control of the vehicle.

His passenger, 21-year-old D.K., was also cited for drunk driving as well as not wearing a seat belt. Both of the men's blood alcohol levels were well above the state's legal limit of 0.08 percent. S.W. was found to have a BAC of .218 percent shortly after the accident took place. If you have recently been cited for DUI and your blood alcohol level was well above California's legal limit, it is very important that you hire an Orange County DUI attorney as soon as possible by contacting the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry. Due to the fact that you had a high BAC, you may be facing enhanced legal penalties if you are convicted.

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