Breathalyzers Reported As Faulty In San Francisco

After a police department learned that its Breathalyzer machines were not working properly, hundreds of DUI suspects got their hopes up. If the machines prove to actually be calibrated incorrectly, their cases might be dropped. This is the third time in California over the past year that there have been problems reported with the Breathalyzer machines. In cases where PAS testing was the only valid piece of evidence, suspects may be looking forward to dismissals of their cases. In San Francisco, where the latest error was discovered, about 1,000 cases will be re-examined to determine if the faulty machines were used.

At this time the San Francisco Police Department is being held accountable for the faulty devices. It appears as though the devices were not being tested on a regular basis to ensure their accuracy. The devices are supposed to be tested after 150 uses, or about every ten days. Do you have reason to believe that the results of your breath test may have been skewed? Contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry to discuss your defense options with an Orange County DUI lawyer so you can contest your DUI charges!

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