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Police Officer Suspended After Third DUI

We expect law enforcement officers to abide by the law, but unfortunately these people have struggles too. Recently, a Sullivan County Sherriff was released after serving 30 days in an Orange County jail for a second DUI offense. The driver now faces an additional jail sentence for his third DUI, which occurred in Pennsylvania. The sheriff will lose more than just a few months of his life in jail; he will also lose his job. Even though he was released from the Orange County jail 15 days early for good behavior, he will not be allowed to return to the police force. He was suspended without pay in 2010, and will remain in this state for an indefinite amount of time. Chances are that the police officer won't ever get his job back.

The sheriff is now coping with a suspended license and will be given an ignition interlock device when he is allowed to drive again. The police force says that they don't want a hypocrite on patrol. Any officer who has had three DUIs doesn't have the right to convict others of the same crime. Along with his jail time, the police officer has had to pay about $1,500 in fines. As this DUI demonstrates, when you are charged with driving under the influence it can be debilitating. You may lose your license, your freedom, your money, and even your job if you are not careful.

If possible, try to remember these repercussions before you get in your vehicle drunk. If you were caught driving under the influence, then you may be in for some serious punishments. Thankfully, the folks at the Law Offices of Virginia Landry may be able to help you. We have been working in Orange County for years, lessening and eliminating sentences whenever possible. Talk to someone at our firm today if you need more information or want someone to help battle your DUI charges.