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Orange County Residents Support DUI Check Points

For a driver who has been drinking, a DUI check point is an unwelcome. Even if you know that you have not consumed enough alcohol to be above the legal limit, no one wants to be confronted by a police officer at one of these random checkpoints. Yet in Orange County, more and more residents are starting to demonstrate that they appreciate the police's efforts to catch illegal drivers through these routine stops. On June 4th, 2012, dozens of members from the OC rallied at a license and DUI checkpoint to support police officers and show that they appreciate their efforts to catch drivers who are a danger to others on the road. As reported in the Orange County Register, members of the Orange International Street Fair board and committee provided the officers working at these check points with community donations from Chick-fil-A and Starbucks in an effort to show their appreciation.

The president of the Orange County Street Fair said that he wants law enforcement to realize that the public appreciates that the DUI checkpoints are there for their safety. The officers are often lashed out at by angry drivers who don't want to stop for the routine checks, but the check points deter motorists in the area from getting behind the wheel intoxicated. The group that met at a checkpoint last week says that they want OC residents to remember that the stops aren't just a cheap effort to make arrests. Instead, they serve as a deterrent and provide a chance for officers to educate the community about the dangers of driving with drugs or alcohol in your system. One woman who works for SCP-PATH says that OC members want to routinely support the officers at the check points. If you were stopped at a DUI checkpoint in the OC, then we can help you. A lawyer at our firm may be able to represent you in court and try hard to lessen or eradicate your sentence for driving while intoxicated.