Florida Resident Guilty of Four DUI Deaths

DUIs are serious, and when people die because of someone's choice to drink and drive, the law does not take that lightly. A man with the initials D.J. was recently arrested when he ran a red light and gunned his car into a family of four in a Florida intersection. All four members in the other vehicle died, while D.J. survived the crash without much more than a few bumps and bruises. The father and his three sons were out for a drive when D.J.'s car bulleted in their direction and gave a fatal blow. Since then, D.J. has been in jail, awaiting his trial in court for his actions. He pleaded guilty on Tuesday, June 5th, for four counts of DUI manslaughter and one count of driving under the influence with serious bodily injury. He will be sentenced for his actions on July 20th. Chances are that this criminal will receive a lifetime in prison because of his mistake.

According to ABC News, the driver was smoking marijuana and drinking an alcoholic energy drink called Four Loko while operating his vehicle. Combining both drugs and alcohol, he impaired his senses so intensely that he was not able to function and determine whether or not he should stop at a red light. His collision caused the death of 51-year-old Elroy McConnell and his three sons, Elroy, Nathan, and Kelly. Because of tragedies like this one, the police are ruthless when it comes to DUIs. If you are charged with driving when you have a BAC over 0.08 percent, then you need a lawyer by your side to help you through your trial. While we never want to see the disasters that come with a DUI, we also understand that the police can be a little over the top. Maybe you were hinging on the legal limit and were charged anyway, or were told that you committed a DUI though you are sure that this isn't the case. If you aren't guilty, don't let the courts say that you are. The DUI Queen and her firm can help you to avoid serious charges like jail time and license suspension. Contact us today!

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