DUIs in College Towns

College towns are wrought with crazy parties where alcohol and drugs are often an entertaining activity. Fraternity parties are full of alcohol, and 21-year-olds with the newfound right to consume alcoholic beverages sometimes go a little overboard. The combination of young men and women, an abundance of parties, and access to cases of beer or hard liquor normally puts these people at risk for a dangerous DUI. In an OC Register write-up, reporters discussed that college towns and beach cities are the primary targets for underage DUIs. Sometimes this has to do with whether or not the students commute to school. Community colleges with a lot of partying may cause more DUI arrests because the students have to drive home after the festivities are over. In colleges with residencies, the students simply walk back to their rooms.

Some political activists suggest that if the colleges want to lower their DUI rates they should start by withholding diplomas from any senior who is convicted of a DUI. Others suggest posting students with DUIs in a student newspaper as a sort of shaming mechanism that would help to deter these students from drinking in driving. Allegedly, Orange County has some of the works DUI crash rates in California. 10 O.C. cities rank among the worst in California. The city of Orange is the number one city with the most collisions of any Group B (population between 100,001 and 250,000) in the state. Also, Newport Beach is number one for cities with a population between 50,000 and 100,000. When government officials ranked the cities that have a population over 250,000, Anaheim came out as the city with the most DUI arrests and Santa Ana was number three on that list. This may in part be to community colleges and many universities in the area. Watch out when on the streets of Orange County and remember to drink responsibly to avoid a DUI charge.

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