Driving Under the Influence of Baby Shampoo?

Sometimes, certain substances can mimic alcohol or drugs on a blood, breath, or urine test. For example, it is widely recognized that poppy seeds in excess can cause a person to read positive on a breath test even if they have not been drinking. Now, a new study at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill says that certain baby soaps may cause people to test positive for marijuana.

The researchers who are looking into this interesting correlation are not certain why the baby shampoo causes those readings, and manufacturers have vowed that there are no traces of actual marijuana in the shampoo. No child that has ever been lathered in the tear-free soap has ever gotten “high” and they are certain that the shampoos are safe for children and adults alike. However, hospitals around the country say that they have noticed traces of marijuana in urine tests from infants at hospitals after they have been bathed in these soaps.

The University of North Carolina conducted this recent study in order to show that the tests should be disregarded because they are not truthful. They are still trying to determine what the mystery mimicking ingredient is, but hope that their findings will help parents to avoid being convicted of child abuse or DUIs. If you bathe your children in Jonson & Johnson’s Head to Toe Baby Wash, or Aveno Soothing Relief Creamy Wash, then prepare for a positive marijuana reading. Also, Aveno Baby Wash Shampoo and CVS Night-Time Baby Bath can cause a person to test positive for the drug.

In addition, be cautious with Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bubble Bath and Wash, which can have the same results. While it may sound absurd that you are driving under the influence of baby shampoo, when you are presented with a positive marijuana readings that you know can’t be from the actual drug, they may be from this innocent substance. If you have been convicted of driving while under the influence of marijuana, then call an Orange County DUI attorney today. We will fight for you and work hard to prove you innocent of your offense.

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