California's DUI Statistics

In California, partying and drinking are a part of the culture. With bright cities like Los Angeles, which are full of clubs, alcohol, and drugs, many people exceed their limit and then drive home, putting themselves and others on the road in danger. However, despite the many opportunities for drinking and driving, California is the 21st most dangerous state when it comes to DUIs. The state with the most DUIs is North Dakota, followed by Texas. The state that has the least amount of DUI convictions is Utah. While California fits nicely in the middle, there are still many accidents related to drunk driving in this state.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) states that 29 percent of all accidents in this state have alcohol involved About 1,265,000 underage drinkers use alcohol as a part of their entertainment each month, and about 821,000 of those cases are one’s where the youth will binge drink. This means drinking more than necessary to the point where the individual becomes impaired. To curb the illegal drunk driving in the state, Alameda, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Tulare counties require that all DUI offenders are given an ignition interlock device as a part of their punishment. All of these drink driving accidents and occurrences cost the state about $4.98 billion per year. Annually, 791 people lose their lives to accidents of this kind.

MADD also explains that there are 310,971 third time DUI offenders in California. There are 44,210 five-time offenders in the state. Law enforcement in California takes DUIs seriously. They don’t want anyone to drive impaired and injure innocent individuals. However in their pursuit to catch the offended, they may accidentally arrest an innocent individual. If you were falsely accused of driving while intoxicated, you will want a DUI lawyer in your area to help. Contact someone at our firm today if you need aggressive and devoted representation.

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